MGM Casino Files Lawsuit Against Connecticut

Many casinos face strict rules and regulations to operate in certain states. While there are other states which will allow casinos to operate under more lenient guidelines. There are instances in which a casino might feel it is being unfairly treated and this is the main basis of the allegations by MGM Casino against the state of Connecticut.

The Lawsuit

Things have started to heat up in Connecticut with the recent filing of a lawsuit by the MGM Casino. In the papers filed, MGM Casino has alleged that the current laws signed by state government favors tribal casinos over it. In trying to understand the lawsuit, is based on a law in which tribal areas are allowed to receive proposals submitted to them to create a satellite third casino. This is more competition to MGM Resorts International as they hope to develop a casino in Springfield Massachuetts costing $800 million. MGM Casino allege that when it did submit a bid to Connecticut to establish a casino in the state, it was rejected in favor of the tribal casinos.

The Plaintiffs

As the plaintiffs in this lawsuit, the MGM Casino under its limited company of MGM Resorts International Global Gaming Development is hoping when the federal court hears their lawsuit, the court will render the law invalid and stop state officials from adhering to it. Tribes have responded to the lawsuit by stating the tribes see this as way to keep casino jobs in Connecticut with the current laws.