Player Wins $100,000 at Liberty Slots Casino

For some players it might be a lucky rabbit's foot or it may be the lucky full moon for them to know if they will win during a casino game. Yet, for one very lucky player she did not wake up feeling lucky. However she went on to win a whopping $100,000 during play in Liberty Slots Casino . Liberty Slots Casino has a wide variety of games that are released by Wager Gaming Technology.

How It Happened

The 100K player started off just playing on the slot game called Cool Bananas Slots . She then went on to play Colorado Cash slots, and it was a tug of war between these two slots games. She did not feel lucky with either slots game. The player was able to win a bunch of free spins and it was not until an hour later of playing between the two games that she saw her chances start to change. When the tide began to turn for her she did the smart thing by increasing her wagers as she spun the reel. She was also able to switch to another slots game called Cherry Blossoms Slots . By this time she had accumulated $10,000 winnings.

Big Win at Liberty Slots Casino

Persistent winnings also helped her to feel more confident to increase the amount of wagers she placed from $50 to $200, and this is when she started to see even more wins as high up to $3,000. She continued to swing back to Cool Bananas slots and was rewarded with more free spins and a 2x multiplier. This player is only known as Elizabeth M., and she played for 24 hours straight. When asked, she said she did not want to stop her chances and wanted to ride it out to the end. The great thing about this is it was completed in the comfort of her home withoug having to travel to a casino. This was quite a winning adventure for this winning player during this time.