Cool Bananas Slots

Cool Bananas is a humorous and tongue in cheek video slot that works so well largely because it doesn't take itself too seriously. The game appears to be inspired by the original King Kong movie, but with a fun, mischievous attitude instead of a dark, brooding one. In the time that the game has been out, it's developed a loyal following due to its zany attitude, entertaining animations and wacky sound effects - not to mention the fact that if you hit the right combination of symbols, you could walk away with a massive $50,000. Ready for some monkey madness? Play Cool Bananas at Liberty Slots Casino today. It's one of the most respected online casinos, having been in business for years, and you'll even let you try out their entire catalogue of games for free.

Dealing with a Big Ape

Getting on top of this game won't take much practice, and you should be swinging along in no time. The aim of the game is simple: spin the five reels, and try to get matching symbols to line up on the pay line when they come to rest. To make things easier, you can activate additional paylines that run diagonally, up and down, backwards and forwards … there are 25 possible lines in all. Each line you add requires an additional bet, but you get an extra chance to win on each spin, so the tradeoff is fair. Wins are awarded in “coins”, but you get to set the value of each coin. Just testing the waters? Set it at 1c and see how you do. Ready to make like a high roller? Crank it up to $10.

Who's Who in the Zoo

The winning symbols that you need to recognize begin with a set of playing card icons – the 9 through Ace are represented, and combinations of at least 3 in a line are worth low level cash prizes. Things get more interesting once you hit the themed symbols, however. Lines consisting of icons like the Shades, the Banana Split, the City Skyline and the Blonde Starlet are all worth significantly more cash – three is enough for a win, but five will make you happier. The Gorilla himself is the best symbol for two reasons. One, because five of him is the game's top jackpot, and two, because he's Wild – he can be used to substitute for other symbols, just like the blank tile in Scrabble.

Big Hairy Bonuses

If three or more Banana symbols show up, you're in luck. They don't need to line up on any pay line; they can be scattered about anywhere, but provided there's at least three, you've won a bunch of free spins. If all five bananas are in play, you can win up to 40 spins of the reels on the house!