New Player at Liberty Slots Casino Uses Welcome Bonus to Win Big

We have heard this before and can only dream of the day when it happens to us. A new player at Liberty slots casino was able to turn his sign up of free money beginning in the double digits into a six digit multi-win. This is one hope for us and is one of the reasons why anyone would want to play at Liberty slots Casino .

How The Winning Started

How it happened quite amazing to hear fastest players stroke of good luck really big win. The player named Brian first signed up and redeemed a $15 no deposit bonus to use in playing in Liberty Slots Casino . He started by playing with just pennies in the penny slot machines. This started to increase, and online player Brian said that he increased his wagers to maximize his stroke of good luck. He was able to win other jackpots over the course of the next couple of days.

Amounts Won at Liberty Slots Casino

In total, he won approximately $200,000. This was divided into a huge win on Bangkok Nights Slots at $19,000. There was also a bigger win of $88,000 on Mine All Mine slots. Other slot winning amounts included a $24,000 win on La Cucaracha Slots . He even had smaller wins of $ 10,000 on Rockin Robin Slots and $14,000 on the fun slot game called Magic Carpet Slots . The manager of liberty slots casino was blown away by stroke of good luck the player Brian accomplished. What he did was use free money and continued to make his wagers larger and larger so it increased his chances of winning higher amounts. He used a strategy of trying his hand at different slot machines and did not just stick to one slot game. Hopefully this is run of good luck we will see more of in the future and we wonder who will be the next person to win and play at Liberty Slots Casino.