Rocking Robin Slots

Rocking Robin is one of the zanier slots produced by Vegas Technology. It features cute, silly cartoon style graphics and a musical theme that will keep your foot tapping. But don't be fooled by the game's lighthearted exterior: this is a serious video slot game has earned a lot of players a lot of money - probably the reason it's so popular at Liberty Slots Casino. The biggest payouts come when you manage to trigger the bonus feature ... but more about that later. Download and play the Rocking Robin at Liberty Slots Casino - one of the most popular online casinos on the Internet. They've been in business for more than a decade, and they've learned a thing or two about what makes a good online casino work – and it shows.

Band Practice

Rocking Robin is a game that was designed to be easy to play while still delivering a fun, engrossing player experience. Consequently, you should be on top of things within only a few spins. While traditional three reel slots only allowed you to bet on the centre line, rocking Robin will allow you to bet on a number of diagonals as well - there are 25 possible lines you can activate. Each extra line costs an additional coin, which greatly increases your chances of winning something on each spin. Once you've decided how much your in-game coins should be worth (you can set them anywhere between one cent and $10), hit the big yellow Spin button to get the reels moving. If the symbols on them line up when they come to rest, you're in the money.

Backstage Passes

The Rocking Robin graphics are a mixture of traditional high cards and cartoon cuteness. On the bottom end of the scale are the 9 through Ace, worth between 100 and 200 coins. Next up is the Electric Guitar and the Drum Kit, which only need 2 symbols to trigger a win, and are both worth 400 coins. The guitar-shaped Birdhouse is next, valued at 750 coins, and the little yellow Songbird clocks in at 1,000 coins. The Rocking Robin himself is the game's top prize, earning you up to 5,000 coins (potentially $50,000 depending on what you set your coin value at). He's also Wild: he substitutes for any other symbol in the game.

The Big Bonus Tree

The game features a Tree symbol which is obviously hosting the Rocking Robin party. 2 trees anywhere triggers a win, but 3 or more launches the bonus feature. Depending on how many Trees were visible on screen, you could win up to 15 free spins of the reels!