Liberty Slots and Lincoln Casino launches a Count Down to Spring tournament

It hardly seems possible Spring could finally be on the way. We’ve had some brutal weather this winter in some parts, so anything that holds the promise of something better has to be good, doesn’t it?

Lincoln Casino and Liberty Slots certainly seem to think so. They’re getting in on the action with a month-long tournament called Countdown to Spring. Want to find out more?

When is it live?

It’s live right now! The tournament began on March 1st, but it runs right through until the end of the month, so you have plenty of time to get involved. Remember, the more you play, the more opportunities you have to win part of the prize pool on offer.

Which game will you be playing?

That should be plural, because the Countdown to Spring tournament is using a different slot game each and every day to get people excited for Spring. Rockin Robin Slots kicked things off on the 1st, and there are lots of games involved in-between until the 31st, when City of Gold Slots will round off the competition in style.

Some great games are in store for tournament players

Yes, it’s true – if you take part in the Countdown to Spring tournament, you can play all kinds of different games. In fact, you might find one or more of your favorites are among those that are being used in this tournament.

Check out the likes of Right Prize on March 22nd for example, or Tarot Treasure Slots on March 27th. Before that, there are many other games to be enjoyed. Grail Maiden Slots is the game of choice on March 8th, and Jurassic Slots comes to the fore on March 14th. Which days will you sign in to play these games?

What is the buy-in?

You’ll put $5 into the pot every time you decide to play one of the day-long games involved in the Countdown to Spring tournament. With a $500 prize pot on offer every single day in March, that means you have a chance to win a slice of $15,500 over the course of the month as a whole!

The first prize each day is a massive $300, so if you end up in first place by playing a particular game on a specific day, you can look forward to an additional prize as well. Good luck for the Countdown to Spring tournament!