Funny Panda Suit Promotion by Royal Panda Casino

The folks at Royal Panda Casino were at it again with a recent promotion. This time it involved a giant panda. Before you wonder what happened, it seems there were recent sightings of a giant panda walking through the forest. Yes, it was someone hired by Royal Panda Casino to wear a giant panda costume and walk around parks and streets to spread the news about playing at Royal Panda Casino.

One may ask where they got the giant panda costume and how someone can get one for himself.. These costumes were gifts to Pandas Internation in China and were bought to celebrate the return of pandas to their native habitat. Royal Panda Casino is celebrating two years and thought it would also be fun to keep one of these costumes and use them to raise awareness about pandas and to help promote the casino. Royal Panda Casino has released a funny video of the giant panda walking around.

Not only did Royal Panda Casino donate these costumes, it also made it fun in the process. Even the person wearing the costume was not a regular Royal Panda Casino employee, but a casino player who won a free spins tournament. The winner of this tournament was given a chance to wear the giant panda costume and collect £5000. The winner also had to carry out a few other funny tasks to collect his prize money. If wearing a giant panda costume is not for you, Royal Panda Casino does have a welcome bonus of $100 matched 100% for new players to take advantage of.