The Spotlight is on the Jackpots at Silver Oak Instant Play Casino

Silver Oak Casino is a well-known casino online today. Plenty of people are already members and regularly visit the site to see if there is a big prize with their name on it.

While most prizes are of the smaller variety, there are plenty of jackpots up for grabs as well. Indeed, this is one of the reasons people play - to have a chance of winning a significant amount of money.

What kinds of jackpots are available at the Silver Oak Casino?

It all depends on the individual game. For instance, every slot game will have a jackpot amount - the biggest prize you can win for getting a specific combination on a payline. However, there are also random jackpots, mini, major and mega jackpots and other similar jackpots that can be triggered in an unknown way. These are often referred to as progressive jackpots, purely because they get progressively bigger as time goes on.

In these cases, the jackpots can steadily increase over time as new bets are wagered. Some have reached several thousand dollars, while others can get into the six-figure area. Wouldn't you just love to win something like that?

Where can you find out how much the current jackpots stand at?

This is easy to find out. The home page of the Silver Oak Casino website has a 'WIN' panel that gives you information on three of the biggest jackpots available at the moment. They also total those jackpots up so you can see the total amount on offer at that time. This panel can change depending on who wins a jackpot and when it is won, so the games listed there could change as well.

Don't forget to look at each individual game you play too

While you can view the spotlight mentioned above at any time, you can find out what the jackpot is for any one game before you start playing. Those with one or more progressive jackpots will list the current amount at the top of the game screen. There could be two or three amounts listed if there are several different sizes of jackpot available.

Will you scoop a jackpot playing online slots at the Silver Oak Casino?

Who knows? You won't know for certain unless you start playing! If you don't yet have an account at the Silver Oak Casino, now is the time to sign up and see what you think.