Sportsbetting Frenzy For Super Bowl Sunday

The thrill of the upcoming Super Bowl 50 game does not only have football fans excited, but it has also unleashed the excitement of the sportsbooks and people who place bets on sports matches. Super Bowl 50 is gearing up to be a nail-biting event with a lot of sportsbook through the country predicting this will be a game where record bets will be placed.

The Contenders

If anyone has not been following the latest football games, they might not be aware the Super Bowl Sunday game between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers is expected to be legendary. Denver was able to win over New England to secure a spot in the AFC. The Carolina Panthers also dominated over Arizona in the NFC Championship to make it to the Super Bowl

Bookmaker Predictions

Many of the bookmakers such as Jimmy Vaccaro at South Point Hotel Casino and Spa have announced they have seen an increase in just the games for the Conference Championship. The casino saw many people coming in and long lines of people waiting to place bets for earlier games. The bookmakers are expecting the amount of bets for Super Bowl Sunday to be huge when looking at the public’s recent interest in Conference Championship games. At the moment, the Carolina Panthers are the 3.5-point favorites to win on Super Bowl. However, we will see what happens after the coin toss on February 7th.