Microgaming uses the logo " We are the game". There is a reason why they use this logo, because they are the game. Microgaming is the largest software provider in the world.

Microgaming Transforms the World of Online Gaming

Microgaming has been in existence for just over a decade, but in that time they have managed to totally transform the world of online gaming. Not only do they support over 120 casinos and 40 poker rooms but they are constantly updating their games and bringing out new games to keep up with the trends and demands of the gaming world. Each month Microgaming endeavors to bring out at least 4 new games, from slots to poker variations, different table games to specialist games. There is no end to the diversity and capability of the programmers and technicians at Microgaming.

Microgaming: A Truly Global Software Company

Being a truly international software provider, you can find Microgaming in many different countries around the globe. The customer support that is provided 24 hours 7 days a week is accessible from any country in the world. In addition to online casinos Microgaming has also helped to develop and expand the world of mobile casinos where you can play any casino game directly from your hand held device or mobile phone. In fact Microgaming has been the leader in a number of other supportive gaming concepts, the eCogra system for responsible gaming, ecommerce and online gaming regulation is another joint effort from Microgaming to boost the gaming industry. Microgaming are also the instigators behind Playtech, the online method for checking all of your gaming actions and giving you a run down of the history of your expenditure, which is a superb tool

Trendsetting Gaming Techniques

Microgaming is not just a programmer or provider of software, they can be thought of as trendsetters. With 25 different progressive games that are offered at many of the different Microgaming casinos, they have helped and continue to boost the concept and realization of progressive gaming. Progressive gaming is where the jackpot increases according to the number of players that place bets. Mega Moolah is Micograming's most famous progressive jackpot slots game and can boast jackpots of over $6million (US) which is really something.

Interactive Gaming from Microgaming

Microgaming also realized the trend for interactive games and developed software that offers live dealers where you can actually play a Poker game or other table game online with a live dealer and receive comments and updates in real time. Many of the slots games offered by Microgaming are also interactive making the whole experience much more invigorating and thrilling for all players. With numerous tournaments to choose from and players from all over the world taking part, Microgaming have thought of everything to make the whole gaming experience worthwhile and totally enjoyable. Microgaming supports many of the leading casinos today and their name can be found everywhere. SO look out for a Microgaming supported casino for the best in online gaming:

Microgaming New Slots Online

Some players might think they are missing out, but this is far from the truth. Online casinos will often add Microgaming new slots for all to enjoy. You will not have to search far as you have landed on the page that gives you access to some of the newest games that have just been released. This is also like having a front row seat to an exclusive premiere. Microgaming is known all over the world for the slot games it offers. Not only will players be able to enjoy video slots, but there are classic slots, progressive slots and their 3D slots are very popular. Some of the slot themes include fortune, holiday, animal, medieval, seasonal, Asian, Greek mythology, sports, party, food, underwater, fantasy, and wealth. As you can see the themes and topics are quite diverse for these slot games. Players will soon discover that this online casino software provider has progressive slots jackpots that are some of the biggest in the industry. These are progressive jackpots that can be worth millions. You can understand why the opportunity to try new slots at Microgaming casinos should not be taken lightly. There is an online slots game at a Microgaming casino for almost every day of the year.


Grab the Best Microgaming Bonuses

A casino member will have the advantage of being able to grab the best Microgaming bonuses that are out there. You can search and discover there are more bonuses to be found than there are days in the year. It is just a matter of having this information and knowing where to look. Nothing can really put into words the excitement of having extra money in your online casino account. Players will usually have or have had made a deposit at some point to claim a bonus. The Microgaming casino then matches your deposit amount and gives them back as a bonus. Some bonuses can range from 10% to 100% of your initial deposit. There are a couple of online casinos which will reward over 100%, but the bonuses are spread over multiple deposits. You will be able to claim a sign-up offer bonus, cashback bonus, reload bonus, and a monthly bonus. There are also daily and monthly Microgaming bonuses. These bonuses can be used to play slots, table games, and even specialty games such as Keno. You will only have to adhere to the rules stated in the terms and conditions and complete the bonus wagering requirements.

Get Started With Microgaming Tournaments

Anyone wanting more tournaments to get involved with will not have to look much further than Microgaming tournaments online. Players will be excited to know they can enjoy these tournaments in the comfort of their homes without having to go to the nearest casino. Online casino players will have some of the top slots and table games as the featured games for these tournaments. They will only have to ensure they sign up in time for the tournament to start, and may track their progress on the leaderboard. The tournaments are open to online casino members, and the casino will list the upcoming ones, the featured game, the start and duration of the tournament, and if there is a fee to enter. For example, you may be able to find a daily slots tournament which is free to play and has a prize of the tournament pot. On the other hand, a weekly Blackjack tournament may have a $2 buy-in to enter and a $500 tournament prize to the top winner. You can now realize that online Microgaming tournaments can be held for classic slots, video slots, Blackjack, and video poker games. These are the most popular ones. Keep in mind that you can play in promotions such as these from around the world. You would only be required to have a compatible device such as a personal computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. You are one step closer to having fun!



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