UK Betting and Gambling at Risk to Crackdown

The crackdown on gambling has even reached the shores of the UK. It is suspected that a petition will be introduced to the government this week that will affect the amount of gambling shops that are available to be licensed.

Gambling Crackdown

This is a crackdown on betting and gambling that could see more control given to local borough councils to license or revoke the licenses of gaming shops. It seems that not only is the USA facing this current assault against the gaming industry. Opponents in the UK have even started calling gambling "crack cocaine". However, this does not take into consideration the amount of jobs and revenue that will be lost on the high streets if bookmakers and betting shops were to close. Currently, some of the most popular betting shops such as William Hill have stated they plan to shut down at least 109 stores. There is no word yet what will happen to the 430 people employed by these stores.

Petition to the Government

Not only will this petition affect the amount of stores that will be open, the staff at these locations will have to approve large bets over a certain amount. For example, wagers over £50 or more might not be instantly accepted but have to be given special permission. As in the United States, many are waiting to see if any new laws will be put into place and the impact these laws will have.