State Battles for Online Gambling Continues

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The battle for online gambling is still being fought on both sides for or against state proposals. Many of the lobbyists are watching what is happening in about 10 states. These 10 states are in the process of considering whether to legalize Internet gambling or different forms of it.

Proponents for Gambling

Proponents for gambling in Illinois and Massachusetts show that there is more positivity in these states. Other states such as New York or California are considering bills that allow only online poker. There is also support for the two bills in the House that will look at making online poker legal or making all forms of gambling legal.

Opponents to Gambling

However, other bills that have been tabled by the South Carolina and Utah representatives in the Senate is seeking to block online gambling in all or some form from happening. For example, the controversial Graham-Chaffetz bills will stop online gaming in Nevada. However, the state governor of Nevada says that each state should be allowed to determine their own law about online gambling. Opponents to online wagering have funded the Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling. However, the opposite association called the Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection that agrees with Internet gaming.