Birds of Paradise Winner takes $100k

A regular of slots, “Ellen” placed her standard wager on Birds of Paradise slots. It was April Fool’s Day 2015 when she dropped her normal $25 budget, which she is quite loyal about, and low and behold, Ellen hit it big, a massive $100,000 big! Ellen said she couldn’t believe she won. She was playing her favorite game, Birds of Paradise and just wagering $1.25 a spin and she got a few free spins that were doubled. She increased her bets from $5.00 to $12.50 and then to $25. She just couldn’t lose so she kept playing, for hours. By this time she started betting $125 per spin and this was when her casino account showed a balance of $100,000 .

Because it was April 1, Ellen actually phoned the casino to make sure this big win was real. She says she has been a player at Liberty Slots for a couple of years but has never hit this big. The manager at Liberty Slots assured Ellen that she indeed did win. That was all Ellen needed to confirm that she had the best April Fools Day ever.