Slot Network Created That Provides Large Jackpot

The casino software provider IGT is really making the news. It was recently released that the software maker for casinos is planning on creating a progressive game network. This network will offer some of the largest jackpots around and it will also be available in many different cities. The new venture will be called the IGT Powerbucks Progressive. This will be a multi-state casino venture that involves slot games and progressive jackpots.

About Progressive Slots

Progressives are very popular slots games as it gives players the option to increase the amount they will win be a higher amount. This is because the more people who play and wager will cause the jackpot to increase. With the advancement in technology, a casino software provider such as IGT can link different casinos through a single slots game. This will create a network of people playing these progressive slots games.

About Powerbucks Progressive Network

IGT plans to open Powerbucks Progressive Network in some casino favorable states such as South Dakota, Nevada and New Jersey. There is also a plan to have it open in Canada. Over time IGT says that more casinos and states will join as online gaming is approved in each state. Some states such as Pennsylvania will allow residents to play progressives that are based locally.