No Jackpot From Slots Machine in Past 20 Years

We all know about the slots games in Las Vegas. However, one particular slot machine is pulling in a large amount of people. The thing about this machine is that it has not hit a jackpot in 20 years.

The Lion's Share

The slot machine that is created havoc with people's minds is known as the "Lion's Share." It is owned the MGM Grand Casino. Players line up each day to play the machine hoping that today will be the day that they are lucky enough to win the jackpot. The MGM Grand Casino is second largest casino in this area, and you would think that they might have gotten rid of this old slot machine by now. However, this $2.3 million jackpot is too enticing, and the casino has a policy that it will not get rid of slot machines until the machine has hit the jackpot.

About the Players

Some people will spend hours on the machine. It is first come, first serve. Players can spend as much time as they like until they use up all of the money they have brought with them. In some cases, a father have passed on the ritual of playing the Lion's Share slot machine to his son. Another player, a husband and wife team say they usually spend $5,000 when they come to play. The machine does give out small wins and up to $10,000 for two lion heads. However, so far no one has hit the big jackpot.