New Senate Bill Will Prohibit Internet Gambling If Passed

Some of the latest news in the gambling world is the latest bill that is currently within the Senate. This bill was tabled by Senator Lindsey Graham and Rep Jason Chaffetz from South Carolina and Utah respectively. The bill would like to again put in place the federal law that stops every form of Internet wagers and gambling. The reason this bill was introduced is because of the Department of Justice ruling that the Interstate Wire Act only pertains to sports betting. Since this ruling, more states such as Nevada have started to make online Internet gaming legal.

The Proponents

However, the ruling has made a dramatic impact on the Attorney General's office in different states who believe Internet gambling is funded crime and money laundering. The proponents in favor of the bill feel that the government must rule on what specific forms of Internet gambling is legal and allowed.

What Could Happen Next

So what happens if this bill is passed? Well, there is no information inside of the bill to allow the states that currently have Internet gambling to continue. This would mean states such as Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada would have to cease Internet gambling practices. This would also put a stop to the agreement between Delaware and Nevada for online poker.