Win Place or Show Slots

Win, Place or Show is a game based around the theme of a professional horse race. All of the graphical styling of this game lends itself to an atmosphere of a day at the races. The first time that you encounter Win, Place or Show, you could be forgiven for thinking that this was just an ordinary three reel one armed bandit. Certainly it looks like one. This video slot game has something that very few games in this genre have: a progressive jackpot. And since the maximum bet that this game accepts is $1.50, it's a progressive jackpot that you could win on the cheap. At the time of writing, the jackpot stood at more than $15,000, which represents 1000:1 return on your initial wager if you win. Take your shots at the progressive jackpot by playing Win, Place or Bet at Liberty Slots Casino right now. With just a few clicks you'll be up and running because you can play this game right on their website.

The Rules of the Racetrack

Win, Place or Show uses a fixed, nonadjustable coins size of just 50c. Start the game by deciding how many coins you'd like to bet. To win a round of this game, you'll need to spin the three reels and tried to get matching symbols to line up with each other. Not just anywhere - they have to line up on the center line. If they do this, you'll be paid out a multiple of whatever your bet was. The more you bet, the higher your return is likely to be when you hit a winning combination.

Bet on the Favourite

Win, Place or Show has a scatter symbol in the form of a chequered 7 - it guarantees a pay out wherever it lands on the center line, but it's not worth much. The next most valuable symbol is the Cherry, followed by the traditional single, double and triple Bar symbols. Unlike some games in this genre, Win, Place or Show what a you out for mismatched Bars. Next up is the Horseshoe and the Winning Ribbon, followed by the Trophy, which will trigger the game's top jackpot prize.

Race Your Way to Riches

Win, Place or Show doesn't have a specific bonus round, but with its progressive jackpot, it doesn't need one. However, you need to bear in mind that the only way trigger the progressive jackpot is to hit the top winning combo while playing three coins. Playing list will still pay out cash, but will not trigger the progressive win.