Lifetime 25% Bonus For Every Deposit

Players who are looking for more fun in their lives should take advantage of the life time bonus that is available from Betonline casino. This is an extra 25 percent for every deposit.

Terms and Conditions

In order to qualify for this extra lifetime bonus, a player must make a minimum deposit of $50. In order to deposit, this will involve many types of deposit methods that are available for players at Betonline such as credit cards, Moneygram Skrill, Bank Wire, and Western Union. The deposit must be made using door to door deposit methods. The maximum bonus a player will be able to obtain after making a deposit is $1000. However, keep in mind that there is a mandatory wagering requirement of 6x or 6 times in order to withdraw the bonus money for a player account.

How to Request

Players will have to use coupon code YESBONUS in order to have the cashier place the 25% extra money into their account. Another condition of the bonus money is it cannot be used requested again or withdrawn until there is a minimum of 30 days on the account. Players will also have to use up all of the current free plays for the 25% bonus before he or she can claim another bonus reward.