Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment is considered to be the leading and pioneering software developers. With over 40 different online casinos using their software, this is just a small testament to the credibility and integrity of the Net Entertainment software company.

Net Entertainment Casinos

Pioneering Properties of Net Entertainment

Established in 1996, Net Entertainment is one of the forerunners of software development and distribution. But, as a company it did not and has not rested on its laurels. Over the years Net Entertainment whose leading brand is the Casino Module which is trademarked, have just grown and grown in popularity and use. With over 100 games to choose from which are made up of 50 slots and many table games, there is plenty of choice for the casino to use. Net Entertainment supports the casinos with management and technical know how. The process of using and installing Net Entertainment software is smooth and taken in stages which is just another way to prove the responsibility and attention to detail that Net Entertainment have.

Personal Level from Net Entertainment

The cutting edge technology of Net Entertainment allows the games that they provide to be available in 22 different languages. You can also choose which currency or currencies that you want to support. Despite being a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ, Net Entertainment and Casino module in particular have maintained a personal level with their customers. In fact the research and development team constantly work on new ideas and of course updates to existing games, many of which come from comments of their customers.

The Casino Café Concept

Net Entertainment has also brought out a new software package with a new concept, Casino Café. The casino Café idea provides ready available and accessible casino games, many of which are available on Casino Module for internet cafés, in sports rooms and so on. Basically a final consumer is able to link up to his favorite games for a one off play at a Casino Café station with a one off payment. This is a very forward thinking idea and is the next generation of online and land based casino play joined together.

Turkish Poker Sites

Another great and thriving initiative of Net Entertainment is of course the Turkish Poker sites, Turk Pokeri. With over 73 million residents in Turkey, this is a natural market for online casino play. But the Turks prefer to play only card games like poker and Net Entertainment have realized this and provided for it with their relatively new Turk Pokeri. Net Entertainment may have its headquarters in Sweden but it is a truly global company that knows and understands its market. With constant research and development of new products and improvements on existing products, coupled with great customer service and support, you can’t go wrong.

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