Dollar Slot Machines

Dollar Slots machines is a title that covers a wide range of machines, not just land based slot machines but also online slot machines. The common denominator with all of these slot machines is that they take a dollar bet. This could mean that land based slot machines will accept the dollar note or at online casinos, a dollar is one of the possible or only values for placing a bet.

More than Just a Penny at Dollar Slot Machines

Slot machines have been around for hundreds of years but it is only in the past decade that they have become more versatile and of course offer many more betting options. Many of the original slot machines where called penny slots because a penny was used to activate the games and of course pennies were what was won. Today the slot machines are much more diverse and offer a wide range of betting possibilities together with their wide range of winning possibly and of course variations of games to play.

Video Dollar Slot Machines

Video or 5 reel slots machines come in numerous different versions with different themes which are attractive to every type of player. You can have real life story slot machine games or fantasy, historical themes of water themes, fish themes, ancient goddesses and anything you can possibly think of. Video slots machines tend to offer a wide range of different betting possibilities. Many of the games will offer betting ranges of between $0.01 to $5 per coin size but this is not your betting limit. The betting limit is determined by the number of paylines that you have and how many coins you can bet on each. So many of these games can also be considered dollar slot machines.

Three Reel Slots Machines

3 reel slot machines tend to have a smaller coin range but higher betting possibilities. There are many 3 reel slot machines that only offer 1 payline, therefore their coin sizes are much higher. Some of these 3 reel slot machine games offer one, two or three coins per reel spin. The coin sizes cover a wide range of possibilities which also makes this a possible contender for the title of dollar slot machines as the coin sizes can include dollar values. At land based casinos a dollar slot machine, is a slot machine that has the possibility for accepting a dollar bill as its bet.

Progressive Dollar Slot Machines

Progressive slot machines are either 3 reel slot machines or 5 reel slot machines, what makes them different from other slot machines is the additional possibility of winning a progressive jackpot which can also be randomly awarded. These progressive jackpots are a result of money being skimmed from the bets of all of the players all over the world. These bets are accumulated to make the progressive jackpot which is an additional attraction for playing these slot games. A progressive slot machine can also be considered a dollar slot machine if the value of the bet is set at one dollar.

Just a Dollar Away from Winning

In short, the dollar slot machines are basically any type of slot machine that accepts a dollar as its coin value. On the video slot machines this tends to be the high rolling slot machines especially if you are placing a dollar on each of the 30 different paylines. With 3 reel traditional slot machines, the dollar tends to be a standard betting amount and it is also acceptable at progressive 3 reel slot machines. So save your dollars in order that you can invest in the best and most up to date dollar machines and win more and more dollars.