Delaware Sports Betting

It is no surprise to many that as soon as the United States Supreme Court made the decision to overturn the ban on sports gambling, many states would be waiting at the door to implement it. Even though the ruling happened in New Jersey, the recent news out of Delaware is that the first state to allow people within the state to place bets on single games in professional sports competitions. Previously, this was only allowed in the state of Nevada.

Right Now in Delaware

Those in Delaware who had wanted to make wagers on sports will not be able to wake up and do so. So far the main three casinos Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, Delaware Park, and Harrington Raceway & Casino will now accept sports wagers. Delaware casino customers were already able to place parlay bets on professional football games. The ruling by the Supreme Court now allows those of legal age in the state to now place wagers on other sports such as baseball, basketball, and even championship games.

The Tax Man Cometh

Keep in mind there is always taxes on winnings. Of course, the state of Delaware plans to withhold 24 percent for tax purposes for anyone who wins greater than $5000. The IRS will also be happy to see this additional money from your winnings as this new money is treated by the IRS as additional income.

Other States to Follow

Many states already had the legislature waiting in the wings and hoping for a positive decision from the Supreme Court to implement. Even though Delaware appeared to be first, you can keep an eye on states such as Mississippi, Pennsylvania or West Virginia to make similar changes as Delaware.