Army Man Has $541K Jackpot Capital Casino Win

One army soldier will have a lot to look forward to beyond seeing his family and being back home. He will have a $541K jackpot prize to enjoy. Michael was one of the latest big winners at Jackpot Capital Casino. He did not just win once, but had a series of big wins over the weekend to reward him with more than half a million dollars.

Super 6 Slots

According to the casino manager, the player Michael M. was not new to the casino and was a "regular" player for years and the casino was thrilled that one of their regulars had such a high win. Michael is currently stationed in Kuwait with the Army. His winnings occurred while only playing the online slots game Super 6 over the weekend. Super 6 Slots is an RTG Asian theme game filled with dragons, fans, scrolls, Koi fish, jade rabbit, red money packets, fireworks, lanterns, lotus flower, and the letters/number S, U, P, E, R, and 6. It was released after God of Wealth Slots and Zhanshi Slots. Of course, there are 6 reels in this game and 729 ways in which to win. There is also 25 free games and lots of multipliers awarded in Super 6 Slots.

Big Wins

The winning streak all began with Michael receiving 6 scroll symbols on the reels. This came with a 10x multiplier that secured a $180K win. Later he was able to win $116K when he received another 10x multiplier. Michael received six of a kind of the fan symbols for the $116K win. His winning continued with a multiplier of 4x that rewarded his $48K for another six scroll symbols. Then Super 6 Slots paid out another $12K for six Fireworks symbols. When it was all said and done, player Michael M. had won $541,090 at Jackpot Capital Casino. He plans to use the money for fun items such as a cruise, flights and a motorcycle.

Experience Super 6 Slots

You can experience Super 6 Slots by Realtime Gaming at Jackpot Capital Casino.