Bodog Live Dealer Casino

Online casinos continue to be a popular strategy for those who would like to play casino games, but do so anywhere they happen to be. This includes games such as video poker, slots, table and card games. However, for those who miss the live dealer experience, they can still enjoy live dealer casinos online. Bodog Casino provides a complete live dealer experience without having to jump in your car or take a trip to play these games. The Bodog Live Dealer Casino includes beautiful women and handsome men as dealers with some of the most popular live games to play. Players can look forward to a special casino experience when using the latest technology that allows for live streaming of casino games.

Why Bodog Live Dealer Casino

As stated, the latest technology which involves a mixture of both the creation of faster personal computer systems and faster Internet streaming speeds now make it possible to play live dealer games at Bodog. Players will find they can use just everyday equipment such as a video camera and computer mouse to play games. The casino also has a way to chat while playing live games. Casino players can also expect to experience top gaming content from Betsoft Gaming, Microgaming or Playtech when accessing live dealer casino content.

Types of Live Dealer Games

Keep in mind that not all games will qualify for the live dealer casino experience. Some of the games to be found include:

  • Poker: Casino members can answer their craving for live poker games when they play at Bodog. Most popular is Live Dealer Casino Hold'Em. Players can look forward to minimum $5 wagers on Hold'Em games
  • Blackjack: Live Dealer Blackjack continues to be one of the popular games at Bodog. This is a little different than the regular one to one Blackjack games you are accustomed to in the online casino. The live dealer versions may have as many as 7 players, and the speed of the game is somewhat dependent on the speed of the players. Wagers on Live Dealer Blackjack begin at $5.
  • Roulette: You may enjoy Bodog Live Dealer Roulette without any hassles. It is American Roulette that is being played as the live dealer version with double zeros on the wheel. This is also a multi-player game with one live dealer.
  • Baccarat: Bodog does offer Live Dealer Baccarat with the Punto Banco version the most popular. Wagers can begin at $5 or $10 in some games. Anyone with loads of cash looking to have fun will be interested to know that this is a popular game for the big spenders.

About Bodog Live

Overall, casino players are in for a unique experience when they try Bodog Live Dealer Casino. The minimum wagers might be a little higher than usual online computer casino games. Bodog is well-known and has been around a long time. The Bodog Casino brand offers bonuses and promotions to get you started.