Enjoy Cafe Casino 1 Hand Video Poker

More casino players are coming to understand the benefits of video poker. This is a game that generally has a house edge that is lower and there is not much in the way of extensive learning needed to play video poker games. Online casino players will see these games designated as 1 Hand, 10 Hands, etc. There are four designations 1, 3, 10 and 52 Hands for video poker and you can begin at 1 hand video poker and work your way up as you become more skilled.

About 1 Hand Video Poker

To get started with 1 Hand Video Poker, players should be aware there are 12 different winning hands that are possible in this game. The game accepts a max wager of 5 coins, and will pay from 5 coins for Pair to up to 20,000 coins for a Sequential Royal. A Royal Flush pays 4,000 coins while 5 of a kind will reward 750 coins.

As stated, up to 5 coin wagers are accepted with coin values beginning at $0.05 and going up to $5. Players will have to wager the 5 coin max to have any hope of obtaining a Sequential Royal for 1 Hand Video Poker. So, in essence, you are looking at total wagers from $0.25 to up to $25 for a round in this game. You may then choose Bet One or Bet Max depending on your preference.

There is the equivalent of a Double or Nothing in 1 Hand Video Poker. This is when you can wager the money from the last win. The Double or Nothing is played against the dealer, and involves finding a card from a choice of four that is higher than the dealer's card. When you do so you double your money. When you do not, the money is lost.

Try 1 Hand Video Poker

You can try this form of video poker for yourself to see why many are playing this game. Experience 1 Hand Video Poker at Cafe Casino .