82K Jackpot at Bovada Casino

Anyone looking to get a jackpot of their own has a reason to celebrate with an $82K jackpot won at Bovada Casino. This big amount was not won on a slots game, but rather on a table game - Caribbean Stud Poker. It is not often that you hear of big jackpot wins on table games, but everything is possible.

All About The Win

The win all began when player James in Ohio started on the popular table game Caribbean Stud Poker. This version has no flop. James was able to quickly see fortune smile on him, as he staked $4 and placed a $1 on the progressive jackpot. James saw the screen change and confirm that he had received the ultimate Royal Flush. With the wager on the progressive game, he found himself $82,180 richer.

Next Big Win

Anyone new to online casinos might not be aware of progressive jackpots. The table version of Caribbean Stud Poker is a little different in that it requires a side wager on the progressive jackpot. The jackpot, in this case, is shared with the other table game Caribbean Hold'Em. James was able to show other players that you never know when your big win will come and what game you will be playing when it happens. You can try table games at Bovada such as Caribbean Stud Poker and Caribbean Hold'Em for yourself.