Bulletproof Babes Slots

One of the latest slots games which is causing quite a stir is the game Bulletproof Babes slots. This is a slot game available for anyone who is into pop culture entertainment such as anime or manga. This video slot has been described as the combination of manga and karate or any form of martial arts. The addition of slots make it possible to enjoy anime while playing for money. The story of the game inside of Bulletproof Babes slots involves five central characters. Bulletproof Babes is the latest slots game to make it to the home of Cafe Casino .

Bulletproof Babes Game Facts

Bulletproof Babes Slots consist of 5 reels and 20 paylines. The symbol of the games are largely involving the five main characters who are all women and martial arts specialists. These five women fight like ninjas and each woman represents a different element in nature. These elements are further activated by either the Full Moon or Temple symbols when they are also located in the payline. Players we'll enjoy seeing these beautiful feminine ninjas as they work to fight as warriors.

Some of the symbols are Tree, Mountains, Anvil, Full Moon, Wild Mistress, Girl Fight, and Temple. The scatter symbol is the Girl Fight. The wild symbol is the Wild Mistress symbol. As the wild symbol, The Wild Mistress can substitute for all other symbols except the scattered Girl Fight and also the Temple and Full Moon symbols. The wild symbol will only be found on the first, third and fifth reels. Keep in mind that the payout for Bulletproof Babes Slots is a whopping 40,000x time the amount wagered.

Bonus Features for Bulletproof Babes

There are a huge bonus features in Bulletproof Babes slots. The first bonus feature are the free spins which occurs when the Full Moon is on the first reel and when the Temple symbol appears on the fifth reel. During the Free Spins bonus feature, substitution of the symbols with the Full Moon and Temple will also be wild. The Free Spins bonus feature results in 25x rewarded to players. There is also a multiplier which can be added to it from 1x up to 10x. Keep in mind that no additional free spins are awarded during the Free Spins feature. You should understand that the game Bulletproof Babes slots is also a progressive game and the jackpot is increased by the number of players who wager money to spin the reels. This can be a large win one for one lucky player.

It is now possible to play Bulletproof Babes Slots at the best online casinos. The progressive jackpot and free spins feature is worth seeing these beautiful ninja ladies in action.