Roll the Dice

Casino players have a lot of choices these days when playing inside online casinos, but usually, it is often slots, blackjack or poker. However, there is a new table game in town called Roll The Dice. Yes, this is a dice game, and it does involve making a wager on the outcome of what will be rolled on the three dice. Roll the Dice table game is a little different in that there are symbols or drawings on the dice, and players will make wagers based on the outcome of these showing up.

The Fish-Prawn-Crab Game

In some Asian and Eastern cultures, the Roll the Dice game is known as the Fish Prawn Crab game. These are some of the symbols that can be found on the dice. There are actually seven symbols in total to choose from and wager on. Other symbols include a Triple, Calabash Gourd, Coins, Stag, and a Rooster. Players of this dice game can expect either a 1:1 payout for guessing one die correctly, a 2:1 payout for two correct dice, and a 3:1 payout for guessing all of the three dice. One of the top payouts is found when you receive the Triple symbol. Players will make a wager on the Triple, which shows the symbol of three dice on the face. By placing a wager on this symbol, a player is predicting that the symbol on all three of the dice will be matching ones. It will not matter which symbol, but only that it is the same symbol on all three. Any players who are able to successfully roll a Triple can receive a payout of 30:1. You can see how profitable a Triple would be, and with a max wager this equals to a win of approximately $15,000.

How to Play Roll The Dice

All you have to do is navigate towards the Roll The Dice game and click on the Play button. You will see the three dice are put underneath a bowl on the screen. You will not be able to see them. You are then instructed to make a wager starting at $1 and going up to $500 on the three dice. By clicking the bowl, the dice are given a shaking, and the outcome of the dice roll is revealed. You can obtain your payouts for any winning combinations. This is unique online casino game, and Roll The Dice is a game of chance. It is also a fun game to see if your predictions are correct. Players can take a chance to see if they can win Fish-Prawn-Crab or secure a Triple win when you play Roll The Dice at a participating casino.