Crypto Fan

You have met this type of fan. Within a few minutes of talking to them, they will let you what their favorite celebrity did while the celebrity was on vacation. The fan might be the one who has recently purchased the same tennis shoes as their favorite basketball star, and there are those fans that can sing every line of every song of their favorite singer’s latest album. Those who are not a fan of the celebrity might feel their eyes glaze over with such conversations, they might pretend their phone is ringing, or find some excuse to get away. Once you have quickly gotten away you take a deep breath and quickly check to see how your cryptocurrencies are doing. You never know just what could have happened in the last couple of minutes you were talking to that crazy fan.

Cryptos: The New Celebrity

Bitcoin and cryptos might not be a person and the blockchain might not be a country, but there are fans, “stans,” fandoms and fan clubs growing daily as the love for cryptocurrency explodes. If Bitcoin was a person there would be young ladies with high pitch squeals calling its name. Moms would be pushing their babies towards it hoping for a kiss, and grown men with cameras would be hiding in bushes or jumping over hedges to take photos of it. Can you just imagine the paparazzi with cameras flashing and microphones everywhere asking, “Mr. Bitcoin, what does the future hold for you? Do you plan to take a nosedive soon?” Those of who started in the trenches (or at least think they did) when the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was introduced remember a time when Bitcoin could almost be a foreign word. When it was just worth a couple of dollars and most people would not give it the time of day. Now cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin have become a bigger celebrity than some actual human celebrities out there. It is time to really take a hard look in the mirror, and sit down and assess if you are really a crypto fan and a true member of the fandom or just in it for the money. You might be part of the ultimate cryptocurrency fandom if:

  • You are not just in it to win it - A true fan is not just in it for the money that crypto brings. Being part of the crypto world has almost become a spiritual experience for you. One of your favorite words is “decentralized,” and you understand what this is all about. You really want to see more uses for blockchain technology, and look forward to businesses cryptos as a payment option. You also feel your eyes start to glaze over when talking to someone who is just in it for the money. When he or she laughs and mentions a quick “pump and dump” of a cryptocurrency, you quickly walk out of the room to let out steam for the safety of the other person.
  • You check your coins and read any news about them first thing before saying hello to your family. Your inbox, hard-drive, USB drive, and all storage devices are filled with information about cryptos, wallets, and everything crypto-related. You look for other coins to diversify with, and have multiple wallets and multiple wallet types. Even though you own multiple cryptocurrencies, there are one or two, okay three cryptos that are your personal favorites.
  • Social media is really not a place to keep in touch with family and close friends anymore, but rather a place to read official tweets, posts and anything else about your cryptos. You use social media to check up on the coin developers and see how they are doing and get the latest news. You believe social media is also the perfect place for fans to search for upcoming cryptocurrencies to invest in.
  • You chuckle to yourself when reading forums and fans of one crypto start bashing fans of another crypto. Why are they even discussing which of their coins is better than the other? You just shake your head knowing they are both wrong.
  • You can talk about cryptos for a long time, and find yourself doing so at the grocery, gas station, and dentist office. Some of your topics include anything Bitcoin and how it got started, the rise of Ethereum, abandoned cryptos that have been left by the wayside. You are intrigued by those who don’t own any cryptocurrencies, and the innocent questions they ask. You fondly remember when you were like them until your eyes were opened and you became enlightened.

The true determining factor of the ultimate crypto fan is when you find yourself explaining cryptocurrencies to a new person. Their eyes might start to glaze over. They quickly tell you their phone is ringing. It is an important call that they just have to take. Before you can blink, you see them dash to quickly get away. You think nothing of it, and check how your cryptos are doing.