2UP Game

Anyone searching for new specialty games or looking for an Australian game will be interested in a popular game known as Two-Up. Two-Up traces its history all the way back to the original Australian settlers who were brought over to the continent.

Two-Up started as a game among men who some free time and looking for ways to have fun and win some money. The game gained in popularity with many of the Australian miners during the mid-1800s. The soldiers during the wars would also play this game while waiting, and therefore, 2-Up is a featured game for many on Anzac Day.

How to Play Two-Up

Two-Up is fun to play. There are certain participants to be aware of:
  • The Spinner - the Spinner is the actual person in the ring spinning the coins. There can only be one Spinner at a time. The Ring is the circular area where gameplay will take place.
  • The Boxer- The Boxer is the person in charge of taking and keeping track of the wagers. The Boxer is not allowed to place wager themselves.
  • The Ring Keeper or Ringie- The Ring Keeper or the Ringie is the one who watches over the game ring and the coins used in the ring. The Ring Keeper ensures nothing has happened to the coins or that they have not been tampered with. It is the job of the Ring Keeper to watch over this area. The Ringie will choose the Spinner and invite them into the Ring to play.

The coins used for gameplay are two pennies. So instead of dice, pennies are tossed. It is also important to understand that the Ring is the designated area by the Spinner, and gameplay and a spin does not count if the coins fall outside of the Ring. The most authentic version of 2-Up is played with two pennies from before 1939. These coins were lightweight and better to toss.

The Spinner will place a wager on the coin toss showing two heads. If there are two tails, the Spinner loses and is not able to spin again. However, if the coins land with a mixture of one head or one tail this is known as Odds, and the Spinner can toss the coins again. The coins are placed on the Kip which is just a piece of elongated flat wood used to hold them and spin the coins.

Gameplay will continue in Rounds, which is the equivalent of five tosses. Gameplay involves a person being chosen as a Spinner, and he or she will spin until they win or lose. Then another person is chosen.

Other than the Spinner’s Bet, wagers can be placed for 5 Odds, a Single Head or a Single Tail. Two-Up is one of the first games to have a law created making it legal to play this game on Anzac Day as a way to remember those who sacrificed to establish and defend Australia.