Types of Wagers Accepted at 5Dimes Casinos

5Dimes Casino is a multi-gaming website which is ideal for anyone who likes casino games. Players can enjoy sportsbook, racebook, live dealer, casino and specialty games at this online gaming site. 5Dimes accepts a lot of wagers on a daily basis, and here are some of the ones accepted by the casino below.

Types of Wagers

The types of wagers that 5 Dimes Casino accepts include:

  • Straight Wagers - Straight Wagers are often the most frequent wager to be given at a casino. These wagers are straightforward and requires placing a wager on the outcome of a game or match. For example, placing a wager for your favorite basketball team to win. It will also depend on which type of sport the player is placing a wager on. Sports such as football, you can place wagers for the point spread between the two teams. In basketball, it is possible to just wager on who will be the winner outright. Some sports such as baseball will involve placing a wager based on the money line.
  • Total Wagers - Total Wagers are also a type of wager accepted at 5 Dimes Casino. These wagers are for players who just want to place a bet on what the total score will be. The wagers placed will be in regards to the total score being higher or lower than amount posted by the casino.
  • Parlays - Parlays are another popular type of wager at 5Dimes Casino. Parlays involve straight wagers with either moneylines or point spreads, or a combination of both. Parlays are a unique type of wager in that players will not win if they have not won in all parts of the parlays. Any result such as no action or a push can affect the amount won in a parlay wager. There are special Open Parlay wagers allows anyone making a wager to have a part of the parlay be open if they are making a wager online or over the telephone.
  • Teasers - Everyone can also make Teaser wagers when playing at 5Dimes Casino. These are similar wagers to Parlays, and anyone making a Teaser wager will need all of the components to have won to win the Teaser bet. Therefore, it can be seen how Teaser wagers are just really a batch of straight wagers combined into one. Teasers differ from Parlays in that a Teaser also has a certain amount of points which moves the line that is wagered against for each of the straight wagers. Teasers are currently only used for wagers on basketball and football games. It is possible to make Open Teaser wagers, and this is done using the Internet.
  • If-Bet Wagers - If-Bet Wagers are a specialty at 5 Dimes Casino. These wagers are unique in that they involve placing straight wagers. However, the next level of wagers are not placed until it is confirmed the initial or previous wager is won. This will set off a chain reaction in which a player can only place a subsequent wager of a fixed amount up to the previous winning amount.

Wager at 5Dimes Casino

The majority of these wagers can be payoff wagers. For example, Parlay Payoffs can be made on teams within a basketball game. These wagers can also be progressive wagers. Players can enjoy placing Progressive Teasers or Progressive Parlays. There are other wagers such as Point Bets, Office Pools and Pleasers, which can be placed when you play at 5Dimes Casino.