Play Huge $100,000 Super Slots Jackpot Now at Drake Casino

Drake Casino has recently announced that its Super Slots Jackpot has reached the minimum record amount of $116,000, and it is still climbing. It could be higher by the time you start playing. Slots players can now try their hands at spinning the reels and see if they have what it takes to trigger this massive jackpot win.

About the Super Slots Jackpot

Many slots players at Drake Casino will be happy to know they will only have to just play slots game to get a chance at winning the over $100K Super Slots Jackpot. This is a random jackpot which is available to all players, and anyone with any spin of the reels can win it. There is no max wager to worry about in this case, but just trying to spin the reels of your favorite eligible slots game. Players will have to choose from one of the slot games connected to the Super Slots Jackpot, but can play any of them to win. This gives a casino player a great opportunity at winning when they select titles such as 4th & Goal, Bluebeard's Gold, Cleopatra, Days of Our Slots, Mad Road Slots, Pixiu, License to Spin Slots, Ocean Life Slots and Top Dog Slots games. As you can see, some of the most popular slot titles are connected to the Super Slots Jackpot.

How To Play

Anyone is new would have to sign up at Drake Casino. Current casino members will only have to log into their casino account. From there, it is just a matter of going to the Games page, and this can be done by clicking the tab at the top. On the Games menu, a player can then search for Slots and click "Super Slots" to find all of the games which qualify. This is your chance to play at Drake Casino. The Super Slots Jackpot is high right now, and who knows if it will ever get this high again.