Cafe Casino Jackpot Winner Shows Anything is Possible

A player by the name of Rob J. was able to trigger a bit jackpot win of approximately $75,000 while playing online in Cafe Mobile Casino. Casino players will often play and will get a few wins here and there. However, no one can tell when the big win will come. Recently, it was that time for player Rob who started with placing a wager on the Real Time Gaming slots game called Achilles Slots using a mobile device.

Over the weekend, Rob saw gameplay progress to the free spins round. This is common for many players, but during this particular session, Rob was able to see the symbols exchange so he could win 15, 000 coins. Achilles Slots has 5 reels and 20 paylines. This is a Greek-themed slotsgame about the great warrior Achilles. Other then Achilles, symbols on the reels include the cit of Troy, Helen, trojan horse, shield, and playing cards. Five Helen symbols pay 5,000 coins and five Achilles symbols pay 10,000 coins. So, player Rob J. receive four Helen symbols and a wild on the reels to give a 3x multiplier and 5,000 coin pay in Achilles Slots to give 15,000 coins total.

After this session of gameplay, Rob found himself $75,520 richer than before, and just by playing the mobile version of Achillles Slots. You may see if you can repeat this performance or even do better when you play Achilles Slots at Café Casino Mobile.