Players Can Now Add Bitcoin Payments in Bovada

Players at Bovada Casino will be thrilled to know the can add Bitcoin as a payment method. This means deposits and withdrawals can be completed by using Bitcoins cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm, and players can capitalize on the success this digital currency is having. When a casino player uses Bitcoins, the equivalent amount is deposited into the player’s casino account.

Can Bitcoins Be Used to Withdraw From Bovada?

The reason why Bitcoins have become so popular with many online casino is because it is decentralized currency. Since it is decentralized there are no institutions making rules about when or where Bitcoins can be used. Players can use it how they see fit. This is especially useful for USA players. This is peer to peer currency which is determined by the users how it will be distributed, and without any red tape. They will not incur any deposit or withdrawal fees when using Bitcoins to make a deposit here. Other payment methods such as credit cards will have transaction fees. This also represents a safe and secure method of making a deposit at an online casino. There are no worries about using your credit card or bank account details online. Players at Bovada Casino will also be happy to know the casino allows for unlimited daily deposits when using Bitcoin. However, there is a maximum of 10 deposits per day with credit cards at this casino. For withdrawals, there are no transaction fees when using Bitcoin. Players have a lower minimum withdraw a minimum of $10. They can also withdraw a higher amount of $9,500 more frequently which is every one per three days.

Is It Possible To Deposit Bitcoin to a Regular Bank Account?

Bitcoin is digital money which is sent using any device such as a smartphone, computer or tablet. However, in order to deposit with Bitcoins, a casino player will first need to setup a Bitcoin wallet. The casino payer will first need to have access to the Internet. This allows him to send this digital currency to anyone. Once they have the necessary equipment, the person will have to use a currency exchange to obtain Bitcoins. Bovada recommends using Coinbase to obtain a Bitcoin wallet and buy Bitcoins. Keep in mind that bitcoins are not used to make wagers in Coinbase, but rather they can be purchased in Coinbase, then sent to another Bitcoin wallet, and then to Bovada to make a wager on online casino games.

Players will have to sign up with Coinbase and then buy Bitcoins using another currency such as dollars. You can use your credit card or bank account in the Coinbase currency exchanger to deposit dollars. It is by using a currency exchanger that players can send Bitcoins to and from Bovada. These dollars can then be exchanged to Bitcoins., and back again to be deposited into a bank account. Players will also be able to see the current exchange rate. It is important to remember the Bitcoins will need to be sent to another intermediary Bitcoin wallet address on a site such as Breadwallet, before it is next sent to Coinbase. Coinbase does not send coins to online casinos, and players are not allowed to do so.

How Can Someone Put Money Into a Bitcoin Wallet?

Once a player has Bitcoins in his intermediary Bitcoin wallet ready to be sent to Bovada, he will need to sign up with Bovada, and open an account where he can send the coins to. This will entail getting the casino’s Bitcoin wallet address in the Bovada Casino account. The player will only need to go to the Deposits area of the website. He will see Bitcoin as a payment method, and can choose bitcoin from the drop-down menu. The casino will ask how much Bitcoins are to be deposited, and the current exchange rate is displayed to show how much the bitcoins are worth in regular currency.

Players should look for the Bitcoin wallet address for Bovada Casino. This address must be copied, so just use the mouse, and click to copy the casino’s Bitcoin address. The player must sign into their own Bitcoin wallet where their Bitcoins are stored, and paste Bovada’s bitcoin wallet address as the address where to send the coins. This transaction may then be submitted. For any player using a mobile smartphone, the casino will provide a QR code that can be used to deposit Bitcoins into the player’s account. It is just a matter of returning back to Bovada and confirming, “I’ve Completed My Deposit.” By this step, there is usually no problems if everything is done correctly to open a wallet to purchase and send Bitcoins to Bovada Casino.

Can Bitcoins Be Used To Redeem Bonus Promotions?

Players using Coinbase can look forward to receiving $10 in free bitcoins to sign up and use Coinbase to buy this cryptocurrency. Just like other players, Bovada Casino also allows players to make a deposit with Bitcoins, and redeem the Welcome Bonus. This is the equivalent of up to $4,750 in bonus money. Players can deposit Bitcoin and redeem the 100% Welcome Bonus offer up to $3,000 in Bovada Casino. There is also another $1,000 to redeem which is a 100% matched bonus from Bovada Poker that can also be redeemed. New players can also look forward to a matched 50% bonus to wager in the Bovada sportsbook. Players should create a Bitcoin wallet, and deposit Bitcoin so they can take advantage of this bonus money worth $4750 when they play at Bovada Casino.