Hot to Play at 5Dimes

Since finding out the existence of 5Dimes Casino, more casino players are excited about playing here, but not sure how to get started. This is a casino gaming site which features a sportsbook, racebook, bingo room, poker tables, live dealer games, and at least 5 casinos in the casino section. Game play at 5 Dimes Casino is straightforward to anyone who wants to get started with playing at the casino. Certain players in countries such as the United Kingdom, Portugal, Ukraine, France and Hungary are not accepted here. However, players from countries such as the United States and Canada are welcome to play here.

Getting Started

New casino members will be required to agree to the casino Rules and Policies before getting started. The casino uses another level of security by what is known as Device-Based Authentication Service. This is used to prevent phishing scams and stop other people from gaining access to your account. 5Dimes Casino suggest players implement this feature in their account. Certain players such as anyone using Bitcoin, long-term members and members with high amounts of money in their casino accounts will have to sign up for the Device-Based Authentication Service. The correct account sign-up process includes being at least 18 years of age, and providing the name which matches your I.D., having a valid phone number, a valid email address and a password which is very hard for anyone to guess. The casino also suggest players change their password every two months, and this can be done by clicking “Change Password” under the Account tab. A casino member is only allowed one account in their name, and casino accounts which redeem bonus rewards are only allowed one account per household. The casino offers customer support through telephone, email and a dedicated live help chat service. Live help can be the quickest way to receive customer support, but players can use whatever option is comfortable for them.

Deposits and Payouts

When it comes to making deposits and wagers in the casino, members at 5 Dimes Casino should be aware they have sole responsibility for any transactions completed using their casino account. It should also be noted the casino considers acceptance of wagers to be final once the player has confirmed they would like to make the wager. If the account goes into a negative balance, it is the casino member’s responsibility to correct this. The casino will not hear excuses of the player not knowing what they were doing. The Casino at 5Dimes will also not allow fraudulent activity, abuse, past-post wagers, professional card counters or anything else falling into the category of theft or fraud. Deposits at 5Dimes Casino are accepted at the discretion of the casino, and there are various payment methods to provided such as credit cards, bank transfer or cashier’s check. It is against the casino rules to use the casino as a way to move money between payment operators. Payouts are assessed differently in each of the areas at this casino. For example, in the Bonus Casino, a casino player might see a lower payout because some of the games have reduced payouts. To avoid any confusion, a payout chart is provided for casino members to check. Before a payout can be requested, casino members will need to satisfy the requirements of the casino game they have chosen. Some players will have additional requirements such as North American players having to complete at least one full turnover of their deposit before they can ask for a payout. North American players can receive a fee if they do not fulfill the turnover requirement. Payment methods in the casino which would normally have a $40 fee or less will have the fee waived if the player has not had a payout in the past 30 days. This gives one free payout each month for those who qualify.

Rewards Program

New players at 5Dimes Casino will start at the first level of the Rewards program called the Reduced Juice Rewards. Players will need to contact customer service to move them to a higher level once they qualify. However, payouts and wagering requirements must be met before this occurs. North American casino members will only have access to the 20% Casino Cashback Rewards, and not the 15%, 10% or 5% promotions. The casino will manually process the bonus rewards transactions, and payouts on bonus rewards will have to turned over twice before payout. Keep in mind that 5Dimes Casino retains the right to remove players who abuse the rewards program.