Massive Jackpot Won By Bovada Casino Player

There are people who have won, and there are those who dream of winning. Well, Bovada Casino player Jonathan B., can now be moved from the category of those who dream to those who have won. Jonathan B., was the recent player at Bovada Casino who was fortunate to win the progressive jackpot while playing Caribbean Hold’Em video poker.

How The Win Happened

There is winning, and then there is winning a massive progressive jackpot of $119,348 while you play Caribbean Hold’Em at Bovada Casino. Jonathan B. is a player from Texas and he has just settled down to enjoy one of his favorite table games.  Caribbean Hold’Em is a variation of other types of video poker games, and the poker player is pitted against the dealer in this game. Jonathan had raised the ante with $25. He was dealt with Ad10D, and from there raised it with double the ante of a $50 wager. Gameplay continued to show the flop KdJdQd, and then casino player Jonathan B. was now the proud owner of a Royal Flush. However, the game still had two community cards left to deal, and the dealer had qualified. However, this was a no brainer as there was no competition between the dealer's hand and the hand held by casino player Jonathan B, and Jonathan was declared the winner.

This resulted in a 100-1 pay for this Bovada Casino member with a win of $7,500 for his $75 wager. The rest of the money came from the progressive jackpot win in which Jonathan B. had also wagered just $1 on winning the progressive jackpot before the game has started. The progressive jackpot is paid out when players put a side wager on it, and also receive a hand of a flush and up. With his Royal Flush, this player will given the whole pot - a massive win of $111,848. His total winnings for this round of Caribbean Hold’Em was $119,348. He was smiling all the way to the bank, and will have bragging rights for the rest of his life. This was a great lesson to learn to keep playing as someone never knows when they will win, and don’t ignore the progressives. Caribbean Hold’Em and other progressives are available to play at Bovada Casino.