Black Magic Slots

Black Magic is a deliciously creepy video slot game that you'll find at Liberty Slots Casino. This game celebrates all the fun of Halloween with fantastically spooky graphics, some seriously eerie sound effects, and a diabolically massive top jackpot prize worth up to $60,000, depending on what you bet. If you enjoy cheesy horror movies and things that go bump in the night, you will love this video slot from Vegas Technology. Play Black Magic today at Liberty Slots Casino - you can try it right there in your browser via the Liberty Slots Flash Casino.

Spellcasting 101

Apprentice yourself to the Black Magic video slot, and you'll be a master sorcerer in no time (and quite possibly rich). The game is simple. There are five reels, each covered with dark arcane symbols. Place a bet of anywhere between 1c and $10, and spin the magic reels. If the symbols line up when they come to rest, you will have won a cash prize. You can increase your chances of winning on each spin by employing the mysterious magic of multiple pay lines. Every pay line that you activate costs you one extra coin, but it also gives you one extra chance to win.

Know the Magical Symbols

Black Magic is a truly wonderful game, and the designers must be congratulated for not padding the reels with playing card symbols. Instead, there's a huge selection of lush graphics to enjoy, all of which animate delightfully when they are hit. Expect to see all sorts of paraphernalia relating to spellcasting, such as candles, jugs of potion and witches' familiars: creatures such as a bat, an owl, and a slithering serpent. Most importantly, the on the lookout for the Witch symbol. Five witches are worth the game's top jackpot prize of 6000 coins, but that's not all the witch does. She is also a Wild symbol, and can substitute for almost any other symbol in the game.

Great Spells Yield Great Bonuses

If you want to win a bit of extra cash, be on the lookout for the Moon symbol. It's a Scatter, and no matter where it appears, provided at least two are visible, you trigger the Black Magic bonus round. In the bonus round, six magic crystals are presented to you, and each one hides a random bonus cash amount. You must select five of the six crystals, and the amount of money that you reveal are automatically added to your bankroll!