Daredevil Dave Slots

Daredevil Dave is something of an insane stunt driver, and in this game you will be trying to help him jump his motorcycle over a series of progressively more insane objects ... and win a ton of cash in the process, of course. If you are into bikes, action, and crazy stunts, it's hard not to fall in love with this game, particularly once you've managed to trigger the bonus round once. Trying for those extreme jumps is flat out addictive - and profitable. And let's not forget that $100,000 jackpot prize! Join Daredevil Dave for an exciting stuntbike adventure by downloading the free Liberty Slots Casino software today. They're among the best online casinos in operation today, with a legendary reputation for excellent customer service.

Learn to Ride Before You Race

You want to get to grips with the basics of this game as fast as possible so that you can focus on trying to trigger the bonus round that everyone keeps talking about. Here's the skinny. There are five reels, each covered with a random assortment of stunt related images. Place a bet of anywhere between 10c and $10, and spin the reels. If matching symbols line up on the pay line when the reels come to rest, you win. If you'd like more chances to win on each spin, simply activate extra pay lines: Daredevil Dave supports 20 lines in all. Each extra line requires an additional bet, but it also gives you an extra chance to win.

It's all about the looks

The images used in Daredevil Dave are simply fantastic - every one of them has to do with the action and excitement of the world of extreme bike stunts. Expect to see Dave on his Bike, Dave being fired out of a Canon, a Ring of Fire, and many more besides – all of which are worth coins. The most important symbol, however is a huge flaming "1". This symbol is Wild, and can substitute for any other - but when it does so, it doubles the value of any winnings!

Daring Bonus Rounds

Daredevil Dave has two discrete bonus rounds. The first is triggered if at least three Trophy symbols appear anywhere on the reels - this will earn you 15 free spins. Anything you win will be instantly tripled, and free spins may be retriggered. But the bonus feature that has made this game so popular is the DareDevil Reels bonus game. It's triggered when a stunt car appears on reels two and four at the same time. In the bonus game, you must try and make a series of progressively more difficult stunt jumps with your motorbike. The first jump is over a line of motorcycles. The second, over a line of cars. The third has you trying to ramp over a Boeing, and the final jump sees you attempting to jump the Grand Canyon. You continue accruing random bonus cash with the successful jump.