Dream Run Slots

Are you crazy for car movies? Is a great night at home the one where they are running the entire Fast and Furious series on the Action Channel? Do you call your Mustang Eleanor? If so, boy, have we got the game for you! One of the newest games from RealTime Gaming (RTG) is Dream Run, a game that is not just about cars and driving, but is specifically targeted at the car movie fans. The look and feel of the game is all RTG: super reliable, and easy to use for novices and experienced players alike.

Start Your Engines!

Just logging onto this game will rev your motor a little-the look is beautiful and all about cars. 25 paylines and 5 reels keep the two big jackpots imminent. The top award is 50,000 coins and the roar of the engines and the crowds are constant.


The symbols used here are perfect for the racing theme. At the low end they do use card indices, though they are well redesigned for the game, and the higher end symbols include Green Lights as scatters, and two wildcards: the Racer and the Opponent. These work as they normally would in any slot game, but in addition they can trigger the great bonus features:

Dream Run Bonus Feature-If you get three or more Green Lights anywhere in the field of play, the Dream Run feature is triggered.

Nitro Racing Bonus Feature-This one is a little harder to get, but well worth it. To trigger this one you need to collect 10 Racers. Once your collection is complete, the Nitro Racing feature is triggered.

Both bonus rounds are quick to learn and easy to play. The player is given a choice of five cars, they select the winning car, and then watch the race. Depending on the results, they win anywhere from 5 to 25 free spins. Then there is a second race to determine the bet multiplier that ranges from 5x up to a huge 100x. Finally, if the player's car finishes in the top two of the race, they get a third race that determines a possible prize multiplier that runs from 3x on the low end up to 7x at the top.

Get Set!

Dream Run features something quite unusual in the Random Progressive Jackpot. Instead of just seeing if you win or lose at the end of each spin, Dream Run puts the player in control by inviting them to play specifically for the pots. Both jackpots are win in the Nitro Racing Feature game at the end of the fourth race if, and only if, you qualify for it.


RTG has come through once again with Dream Run! They have again reinvented the simple old slot game into an exciting new specialty game that will appeal not only to old-time slot players, but to a new fan base as well. Do not hesitate! This is one that you will want to play and keep playing for long hours of slot game fun. Head over to your favorite RTG casino now and test your luck on Dream Run Slots!