Eastern Dragon Slots

LibertySlots Casino has a great stable of 5- and 7-reel video slots, with a variety of features. Of all the games, however, Eastern Dragon is definitely one of the best.

At first glance, Eastern Dragon appears to be a fairly simple, standard, 5-reel video slot. There are 20 paylines, and the bonus symbol, a fire breathing dragon, only appears on the first and last reels, so that the game is not as complex as some of the multi-reel video slots, with their numerous scatter and bonus symbols.

But just because it's less complex, don't think that you'll miss out on any excitement, or that you can't win. Eastern Dragon does well on both scores. In the first dozen spins I played at this game, I ended up more than $200 ahead of when I started, which was definitely enough to keep me playing for a long time.

But excitement is more than just winning; it's also risking. No one ever really talks about it, but that's what gives casinos their thrill: taking the risk on every spin. That's why we call it gambling.

Eastern Dragon does well on the risk score, too. With coin sizes ranging from 1 cent to 10 dollars, you can choose the level of risk you want to take. Just remember, though, that big wins are more likely with big risks, because the jackpot size is tied to the coin size.

The game is pretty basic with its graphics and sound effects. Most of the reel symbols are number and letters, although there are some Chinese oriented symbols: pond carp, firecrackers, paper lanterns, and orchid blossoms. The sound effects lean more towards mellow tones than bells and whistles.

Personally, I find the laid back feel of the game refreshing. I don't need to be told how exciting the casino is; I'm here playing, right?