Fruit Salad Jackpot Slots

If you are a fruit lover or maybe you are even feeling a little fruity then Fruit Salad Jackpot Slots would likely appeal to you. There really doesn't have to be a reason to play this game except for the fact that the colors will probably grab your least initially. Once you begin playing this whacky slot game then you will be drawn to it to continue playing. This slot machine offers three reels and three pay lines with a jackpot totaling 5,000 coins. Coin denominations for betting start at $0.25 and end at $5. Coin bets may be placed up to five coins at a time per spin. Remember...the more you bet the higher your winnings will be. Fruit Salad Jackpot is powered by CTXM software and there are nine different winning combinations.

Gotta Love those Progressive Jackpots!

Fruit Salad Jackpot slots uses three reels and one pay line and is a progressive jackpot slot game. Progressive Jackpot Slots are the most popular of all types of slots games because people love the fact that they can possibly win a huge amount of money. The jackpots are built up each time you play the game. A bit of money goes towards the progressive pot. The more you play the better chance you have to win. One thing that you should remember is that if you are going to play to get the jackpot you should always play the max, that is the only way to win the jackpot.

Keep an Eye out for...

Game symbols feature traditional BARS and themed icons of lemons and other fruits. It is the Fruit Salad Logo that gets you the most cash. All you have to do is get three of these on a pay line while playing the top wager and the 5,000 coins is all yours!The Fruit Salad symbol is the wild symbol. The Fruit Salad wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols to complete a winning combination.