Ja Man Slots

Wager Gaming Technology’s Ja Man is a great and lighthearted slot game filled with fun and funny images and potential for big winnings.

Ja Theme

The theme of this zany game is that of Jamaica and the Rastafarian culture. The symbols include a Peace Sign Pendant, a Steel Drum, a Tropical Beach, a Rastafarian Girl, a Beach Bar and Ja Man himself! In addition, card indices ranging from 9 through A are used for the lower level combinations.

The Beach Bar serves as the scatter symbol, and when they show up as many as 25 free spins may be won. During the free spin rounds, multipliers also come into play. The assignment of multipliers is totally random and unpredictable, but it can range from a modest 3x all the way up to a tremendous 10x. When a 10x multiplier comes into play, the winnings rack up fast! Additional free spin rounds may be won during the free spin portion of the game, so those spins can keep going and going.

Ja Man is the wildcard, substituting for any symbol in any combo, except the scatter.

Ja Money

Coin values may be set on Ja Man to values ranging from 1¢ up to $10. Each of the 25 paylines accepts one coin bet per spin, so the maximum number of paylines may be played for as little as 25¢ or as much as $250, making this game truly suitable for all players, no matter what the risk they want to take is.

The winnings on Ja Man are what will make it truly appealing. The big jackpot is a huge 5000 coins, or, if playing $10 coins, $50,000! Even playing coppas, that still comes to a $50 jackpot. The secondary jackpot is 2000 coins, still a big reward.

Ja Play

While trying this game out, we planned to play for fifteen or twenty minutes, and we ended up playing for a couple of hours! The reels were spinning our way, and luck was with us, so it was all the more fun. The sounds are Jamaican dance music and steel drums and those keep the party going. The graphics are cartoonish, but because the play is so much fun, we really got into them and were totally sucked in. In the relatively short time period that we were playing we hit the big jackpot!

Ja Conclusions

Ja Man is a big, fun game and exactly what we have come to expect from Wager Gaming Technology. The look is silly and fun, and the winnings are rich. If you have a craving for some Caribbean slots, settle yourself in your favorite hammock chair and get yourself a big icy glass of your favorite bag juice, and get the reels spinning on Ja Man for real money tonight!