ASB Rules Neds Must Take Down Adsl

In other news, Neds the bookmaker is in hot water again. This online bookmaker has only been around a short time. However, the Australian Standards Bureau has received complaints from the Financial Counselling Australia about the online and television marketing ads that Neds released to the public.

Neds Ads

Previously, Neds was ordered to pull an ad in which builders were shown wanting to play on the Neds website instead of completing construction work. This was last week's ruling by the Australian Standards Bureau. However, this week again the Bureau came to a decision on the remaining complaints against Neds, and Neds will now have to pull another ad. This time it is the ad depicting a man who punches every button in the elevator so he can play on the Neds site using his phone. The Bureau ruled that these ads encouraged players to gamble irresponsibly. Even though complaints were brought against all five ads from Neds, only two of these ads were ruled against and must be taken down.

What You Need to Know About Neds

Neds is actually one of the latest bookmakers to hit the Australian gaming industry. Players can enjoy placing wagers on test matches, World Cup qualifiers, live sports, horseracing, NFL football, tennis and cricket games, and NBA basketball matches. Customer support is there around the clock, especially using live chat when anyone needs help to play at Neds.