Fund Your Account at Slots LV

Casino members are looking for easy ways to make deposits and receive their winnings back as casino withdrawals. One of the ways they have found to do so is by using digital currency Bitcoin is a fast and reliable way for members of Slots.LV Casino to move payments in and out of their casino balance.

Why Fund Your Account

Funding your casino account in a hassle free way is just one of the many things that contribute to an enjoyable experience in any online casino. Before players are able to make wagers, they will need to sign up and make a deposit. This deposit is converted into casino credits and used as wagers on all of the many games available in Slots.LV Casino. So the hard part is not signing up and going through the registration process but making sure there is enough money inside the account when it is time to wager. Bitcoin has become one of the top payment options the players used to do so.

Why Use Bitcoin

Anyone who is not familiar with Bitcoin may be wondering why this digital currency has taken over the world by storm. It is hard not to find an online casino that does not offer a Bitcoin as a payment option. Bitcoin has become a way to more conveniently pay for goods and services, send money and a fast and secure way and have it done with a high level of convenience. There are some benefits to using this cryptocurrency to make a deposit or withdraw.

Using Bitcoin is Private

Sending Bitcoin is private, and it is only a matter of purchasing it from an exchange and storing the coins inside of a Bitcoin wallet. From the wallet address, the coins can then be sent to the casino, and players will not have to give out their credit card or hook up their bank account. There are no payment applications that are necessary to be filled out when it comes to using Bitcoin, and anyone using it for a casino deposit will have less worry about their privacy being intruded. You do not even have to give your name when sending a Bitcoin payment.

Using Bitcoin is Quick

The various ways to pay for anything online have become down to a matter of how fast the transaction can be completed and the goods shipped out. Bitcoin is a fast payment when it is used inside of an online casino. It is only a matter of deciding how much players would like to deposit into the casino and sending the coins from the wallet to the casino's Bitcoin wallet. This can happen in a faster way compared to other methods such as bank wires, bank transfers, and even some credit card payments. Players will have to worry about waiting on an e-check to clear when they use Bitcoin.

Using Bitcoin is Secure

One of the first characteristics of choosing an online payment method is looking for one that is secure to send and receive, and using Bitcoin fits the bill. There are no worries about somebody copying your credit card number and using it to make purchases elsewhere. Those who deposit with Bitcoin will also feel more secure when they send two and from the casino as the Bitcoin technology will record the transaction on the blockchain. It will not have to worry about not having a record of the transaction, as can happen with other payment methods.

Using Bitcoin Involves Less Bureaucracy

Sometimes the bureaucracy in making a payment is longer than the time it takes for the payment to be actually made when using other methods that are not Bitcoin. There is no long paperwork to fill out or identification process to go through. Some people who are hindered from getting a credit card can now play inside of Slots.LV Casino because they have access to Bitcoin. This does not require transactions that have to go through a bank or federal institution to be able to deposit and withdraw when playing online.

Using Bitcoin is Less Expensive

Another reason that some players decide to use Bitcoin is that it is less expensive. Players will not be charged fees by the casino to deposit or withdraw with Bitcoin. They may receive fees for when they're purchasing or sending Bitcoin to their electronic wallet before sending it to the casino, but these are external fees. There is also no way to be charged for overdrafts if they do not have enough Bitcoin in their electronic wallet.

Other Cryptocurrency Payment Methods

Bitcoin might be the most popular, but it is not the only cryptocurrency that is accepted at Slots.LV Casino. Other crypto payment methods include Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Bitcoin cash has not been around as long as Bitcoin and only started in 2016 after Bitcoin. It was created to make even faster payments using the blockchain technology. Anyone buying it on an exchange will see that it is also very low fees. in contrast, Litecoin has been around longer than Bitcoin cash, and it was created a little after Bitcoin. It is considered to be the little brother or sister of Bitcoin and also gives players a fast method of making payments into the casino.

Pay Using Zelle

Popular inside of Slots.LV Casino is to use the payment method Zelle. These are payments using a bank account, and players must be residents in the United States. They can send a receive money but will have to provide their email and phone. Payment is taken out of the bank account, but the bank details are not provided to Zelle. Your debit card is just debited for the amount to deposit.

These are only some of the payment methods available, and more can be found when you play Slots.LV Casino.