Jurassic Slots

Ever wanted to go walking with dinosaurs? Well now you can, with Jurassic Slots. In fact not only can imagine walking with them or being up close and personal to the fearsome T-rex, but you can win an impressive jackpot of $50,000 which is sure to suit all prehistoric and newly hatched slot gamers alike. Jurassic Slots is a brand new 5 reel, 25 play line slot game, with impressive and colourful graphics that is sure to have you spending your money in order to discover the dinosaur combinations.

Scoping the territory

Every avid dinosaur hunter or spotter needs to understand the terrain in which their prey lives, and playing Jurassic slots is no different, as you need to know how the game works before paying out your initial coins. Jurassic slots is a 5 reel slot game, this means that the minimum bet that can be placed is 2 coins, which can range in denomination from $0.01 to $10. The higher the denomination of coin, the higher the winning total could be. The other important part to remember when playing a 5 reel slot is that the most effective way to secure the jackpot is to bet on all 5 reels, which could ultimately see you walk away with a non-prehistoric jackpot of $50,000.

Jurassic Slots- Tyrannosaurus Rex or….?

Jurassic slots is a dinosaur themed slot game and because of this all the symbols are related to bringing the prehistoric world into the modern, imagine visiting a living dinosaur park instead of the zoo and you get the idea. The symbols which are located on the Jurassic slot reels include; dinosaur eggs, an amber dinosaur fossil, a dinosaur hunter, a helicopter and three different species of dinosaur; now see if you can name the species whilst playing.

Eggs make prizes

The dinosaur eggs will open up the bonus round, which will add more to the overall jackpot total. Once the bonus round has been activated you are given a number of free spins, and the chance to win to total bonus jackpot of $7,500. This impressive mini jackpot makes Jurassic slots even more enjoyable and once the free spins have been used the total winnings are added to the amount. Win both the full jackpot amounts and you could walk away with $57,500, enough to start planning your own dinosaur jungle.

Coming to a town near you!

Jurassic slots is a new slot game, but will be available to download and enjoy from most of the exceptional online casinos.