50 Payline Slot Games at Manhattan Slots

The big Slot Games, the ones that offer the most and most frequent winning combinations, are the most fun, especially for extended play time. 25 paylines have become commonplace, and 30 and 35 payline games are quite easy to find, but where are the really big games? Where are all the 50 payline games?

The endlessly fashionable Manhattan Slots online casino is the home to several of them. Their collection of 50 payline games is impressive, and, as everything else at Manhattan Slots, they look awesome and the work perfectly. These are the games for players who are in it for the long haul-the long nights of exciting slot-game action and fun. When you are searching for 50 payline slot games, do not miss these amazing entries at Manhattan Slots!

  • Happy Golden Ox of Happiness: This monster of a game has a chic Asian theme, rich in beautiful eastern imagery and a design that does not include playing card indices. There are dozens of beautiful and original symbols used on this game that keeps it constantly interesting and fresh. The Happy Golden Ox of Happiness features a free spin sequence and lots of free games. And you can trigger more free spins during the free-spin session, and get multipliers as generous as 8x! This big beauty is a true slot connoisseur's game, and even if it did not have 50 paylines, it would be among our favorites.
  • Naughty or Nice?: Though a Christmas themed game, Naughty or Nice is such a high quality product that it is worth playing year round. The imagery here is, predictably, all Santa Clause and Christmastime, but with a few twists. Mrs. C. is here, and looking none too happy with Santa for his wild night out! The card symbols used are beautifully redesigned as Christmas ball tree ornaments. In fact, the whole look of the game is just stunning. The Naughty or Nice Logo scatter symbol can trigger free spins in huge numbers, so get ready for some big winnings.
  • Rudolph's Revenge: In our collection of 50 payline games we have not one but two holiday themed offerings. There was Naughty or Nice, and now we have Rudolph's Revenge. The back-story for this game is that we are dealing with a Rudolph who is not happy about having to work every Christmas. In fact, he is quite angry. This is an hysterical twist on the typical holiday themed games, aimed, perhaps, more at those who would rather avoid the Yuletide season altogether. It is another gorgeous, albeit witty, Realtime Gaming product.
  • Triple Twister: Remember the scene in Twister where the two tornadoes are tearing up the Midwestern countryside? And the scientists in the tornado-chasing truck see a cow fly by? That is the entire story of Triple Twister! This is a fun and cartoonish game, with a great deal of attention to detail, and a hysterical soundtrack to boot. Wildcards, free spins, and scatter symbols are plentiful, as are winning combinations with 36 possibilities in all! This is a farm-themed game that will definitely get them off the farm.

Play Some 50 Payline Games Tonight!

If you are looking for a few hours of exciting slot-play, one of the best ways to do it is to settle into a great 50 payline game at Manhattan Slots. The winnings are steady, and the fun is non-stop. So head over to Manhattan Slots now and get the reels spinning!