Boost Comp Points With October Play

One of the most obvious disadvantages to the online player over those playing in a traditional casino is the lack of the ability for the casino to provide comps or complimentary items for players.

To overcome this difference online slots have come up with programs that are called Rewards or VIP programs that provide comps to players in a digital fashion rather than in free trips to the buffet or upgrading rooms.

Great Systems for Players

These plans are automatically activated at top casinos such as Liberty Slots Casino and Lincoln Casino, and they are free with no buy in to the program required. Additionally, since all wagers are placed online tracking comp points for users is very simple and easy for the system. Players can visit their accounts to determine their comp points as well as their reward levels.

At both Lincoln Casino and Liberty Slots Casino for the entire month of October players can take advantage of earning additional comp points for playing some of the most popular Halloween themed slots. The casino is also offering double comp point on progressives, which can really add up to some great bonuses and perks at the casino

How it Works

With every wager a player makes the system logs the wager amount. This is true for both your deposits as well as any bonus cash you may have from winnings or features offered by the casino.

Both Lincoln Casino and Liberty Slots Casino offer a rewards level that ranges from Amber (entry level) up to Diamond (High Roller or VIP level). The level is determined by how much you play and wager with players moving up through the levels and through the comp points offered.

Comp points are based on $100 in total wagers for specific types of games. The categories include Table Games, Video Poker, Blackjack and Roulette a well as Slots/ Specialty and Keno games.

The higher your level of reward, the greater number of comp points you will earn in each category. Comp points, in turn, can be redeemed or exchanged for casino bonus funds. Double and triple comp points are offered on specific games at these casinos as part of monthly specials for players.

In order to start earning comp points, you will need to wager a minimum of $25. The more you wager the greater your points, adding to your comp points bank.