Awareness About Dolphins

Dolphins are seen as adorable and playful animals, but they have high intelligence and amazing tracking skills. However, like so many creatures on the planet, these animals are threatened by overfishing and loss of their environment. These are some of the reasons Springbok Casino has decided to raise awareness on the plight dolphins in South African waters and around the world.

Swim With the Dolphins

According to the casino, the waters surrounding South Africa has at least different kinds of dolphins. The casino has declared March the Dolphin Awareness Month, and it is doing all it can to raise awareness to protect dolphins. Not only are there stories about dolphins located on the Springbok Casino site, but there are also videos and facts about these marine creatures. Some of the videos show the kind nature of these “Good Samaritans” while another video shows a dolphin using a puffer fish to “get high.” Casino members can also read and listen to how dolphins each without the ability to chew, and how dolphins actually breathe. Of course, the casino has included a video about a baby dolphin with his mother.

Dolphin Awareness Bonus

In celebration of these beautiful creatures, players will be able to enjoy 25 free spin games on the new slots games Asgard Slots. This no deposit bonus is available until the end of the month, and you may claim it using coupon code: LOVE-DOLPHINS when you play at Springbok Casino. Springbok Casino continues to be a popular casino with lots of RTG games. Any new players can redeem the Welcome Bonus and receive up to R11,500 as bonus money.