Play Slots with Exciting Bonus Rounds at Slots LV

New slots are continually being released, and players are looking for something more than just the usual everyday thing. They would like to find slot games that have exceptional bonus features and fun, entertaining gameplay for them to enjoy. Slots LV Casino does have games such as these, and players will find it difficult to be bored while playing slots online. Of course, it is about winning the money, but it is also exciting to have fun along the way. Read more below to discover some of the interesting bonus features to be found in slots inside this online casino.

Bowled Over Slots

A slot game that can simulate being at the bowling alley without having to leave your home is an entertaining game to play. This can all be found inside of Bowled Over Slots located in the game section. This is an online game with five reels and 20 pay lines. These symbols on the reels include bowling pins, bowling balls, a bowling alley, and players. The bonus feature starts when three or more of the bowling balls show up on the reels. This will start the bowling bonus feature, and the screen will change to show a bowling alley. There is a choice of either a male or female player, and then the bonus game begins. Just as with real bowling, it is all in the technique and rest by chance to try and knock down as many pins as possible. The more pins that are knocked down, the higher the prizes will be. Anyone that is able to knock down at least ten of the bowling pins will be awarded with an expanding wild that increases the number of winnings during gameplay. This can lead to the top of 3000 coins when the jackpot is won in Bowled Over Slots.

Dragon Siege Slots

Fighting dragons and rescuing beautiful maidens are all themes within Dragon Siege Slots. Players will see that gameplay occurs on 5 reels and 3 rows. Some of the symbols include the dragon's eye, shield, gate, bridge, princess, horse, and playing cards. The bonus feature is unique in that it requires two symbols - the gate and the bridge to be on the same reels. Once this occurs, players can select the knight to be the one to battle the dragon. Dragon Siege rewards with multipliers of 10x and up to 25 free spins. There is also a progressive jackpot that any player can win when you play Dragon Siege Slots.

A Night With Cleo Slots

A night with Cleo continues to be a popular game inside of Slots.LV Casino. Players may see the title and think it is the usual ancient Egyptian theme slot game, but this is far from the truth. Players will see that they have lots of bonus features, especially a chance to get clear to disrobe as you play one of the bonus games. This is a five reel game with 20 paylines, and players will see numerous Egyptian artifacts such as scarabs, the Eye of Horus, gold jewelry, and playing cards as symbols on the reels. There is an interesting bonus feature that is part of the Double Up bonus in the game. Players do get a chance to spend a night with Cleo as she is stretched out by the pool. During this Double Up bonus feature, she will have her hands open wide, and players will have to guess which hand has hidden the Lotus flower. When a correct guess is made, Queen Cleopatra will take off a piece of clothing. Players can try this game up to 5 correct guesses when there are no more clothes that Cleo will be able to remove. A game with this bonus feature can never be considered boring, and A Night With Cleo Slots is available to play in Slots.LV Casino online.

777 Deluxe Slots

The exciting bonus features continue in the classic slot game called 777 Deluxe Slots. This online video slot has 5 reels and 10 paylines. It is a 3D fruit slot, and players were able to see symbols such as gold sevens, red sevens, bars, bells, watermelon, grapes, and cherries. The bonus feature is quite unique because it involves various multipliers being added to the symbols. Players will only have to get matching symbols to be awarded the multiplier. When there are three gold 7 symbols, show up on the reels, the progressive jackpot is won. The base game will give up to 5,000 coins times the amount wagered to play 777 Deluxe Slots online.

Gold Rush Gus Slots

Another game that cannot be ignored inside of this online casino is Gold Rush Gus slot. This is a 5 reel game that takes players into the depths of a mine to see old Gus, as he is mining for gems. There are many different gems of various colors on the reels and other symbols used in mining. Players will see that this game does have special bonus features that give access to three big prizes. Symbols include a key for the Treasure Chest feature, the gems, shovel with an ax for the mining feature, and the white diamond. There is a chance to go on a treasure hunt. When a treasure map is revealed in one of the chests, players will be put inside of a mining cart and race towards prices to see how many can be collected in a short amount of time. The treasure chests can also reveal a diamond that will trigger the progressive jackpot. When the chest opens to show five gems of a kind, players will win one of the mini slot jackpots. There are lots of bonus features to be found in Gold Rush Gus slots.

Play These Games Online Using Crypto

Online players should keep in mind that these games are available for gameplay within the slots section of the casino. They will be able to look forward to a $5000 welcome bonus or a $7500 Bitcoin Bonus. This means you can wager on slot games using cryptocurrency in Slots.LV Casino.