Liberty Slots Casino Launches New Tournaments

Not only is Liberty Slots Casino known for its bonuses, it is also a casino which is popular for players who enjoy tournaments. When you play at Liberty Slots Casino there is the opportunity to try your hand at your favorite games and compete with other casino players.

Scheduled Tournaments

There are many scheduled tournaments available at Liberty Slots Casino. It consists of tournaments to be played on a daily basis, or those available weekly or monthly for a prize. The monthly prizes will often have a higher prize attached to it compared to the daily tournaments. The full listing of casino tournaments are available after you sign up to play at Liberty Slots.

Getting Started

To play, you will need to register for a tournament. This can be done by selecting the tournament area in the casino after signing in. The player will need to review the list of available tournaments and just yet register to select the preferred one. If you do win and are placed on the leaderboard, the prize for doing well in your tournament is deposited into your casino account shortly afterwards. Some of the weekly tournaments coming up include Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild, while some of the monthly tournaments are games such as Solomon’s Mines, Magic Carpet and King Tiger.