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If you came here looking for lovely ladies, it would be hard not to find them. Featuring some of the best girls in live dealer casino games on the market, alongside sports betting, this site is geared towards more adult oriented content. This is perfect because only adults are playing these online gambling games. We're not entirely sure why so many slot machines look like they're targeting children. Maybe some of those kids are using their parents money. In any event, it's nice to see something that has some adult sensibilities in mind and what we are interested in.

Lovely Ladies

Their headlighting feature is having some of the prettiest girls ever to grace a card game. You will also be playing alongside of other players, but your vision will be firmly fixed on the dealer. Every single girl here is of a higher standard then you would probably find in Las Vegas itself. This makes it fun to come back again and again because you feel like you're forming a relationship with them. It's almost like you are getting somewhat of a friend in the process. You also are competing against other players, so your skill in cards will increase your chance of winning.

Their sports betting is also their second most popular feature. Here, if there's a big game going on somewhere, you can expect to find it here, and get in on the odds. It's also a handy way to get the betting odds on different sporting games so you could know who has a better chance of winning, even if you don't intend to bet. Talking to your friends about things like that, you will appear more knowledgeable because you were closer to the truth. You'll almost feel like you could predict the outcome of event!

Big Sports

For the different sports titles that they have, pretty much everything here is represented. You will have the NCAA leads of all the major college sports, across basketball, football, and the like. You also find the professional leagues, including the NFL, the NBA, and the NHL. Even horseracing makes an appearance here, although if you are stateside, that's probably foreign to you. Everyone else will appreciate it, however. It's one of our favorite things to bed on because we're not for sure how it's going to turn out! Boxing fights in UFC matches are also routinely here.

Unique to this website, you can try out one of their many different Malaysian lotteries. Here, they also have Vietnam lotteries, so pretty much any region you will find out there's a on special lottery going on. All you have to do is put down some money to get some numbers. If your numbers happen to be picked, you get the pot. It really is that simple, and is a great thing to do alongside playing all of the other games on the site because it happens in the background without your intervention.


You'll also find award-winning support of all kinds when you are on the site. There is always a tab open on the right hand side you can click on, which will instantly try to connect you with a live person. Here, you can ask for help, get free no deposit bonus codes, or just have someone to talk to. If you win enough money on the site, or spend enough, you will also get your own dedicated account manager to talk to. They're there for you whenever you need them, and it makes you feel like you are appreciated.

If you love all things southeast Asian, and want to see some lovely ladies while playing cards, this site is the go to for that.